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Social Media: New Requirement for U.S. Visa Applications

The U.S. Department of State, responsible for American consulates worldwide, announced at the beginning of June a new security measure for U.S. visa applications. From now on, all applicants for U.S. visas must provide the consulate with their social media usernames, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, for the past five years. Even if the applicant […]

O-1: An Extraordinary Visa

Among the alphabet soup of temporary visas, the O-1 stands out as one of the best options due to its versatility and efficiency. This visa can be considered a close cousin of the EB-1, the green card for people with extraordinary abilities. However, it differs as it is a temporary visa, meaning it is not […]

Immigration Planning: The Most Important Step in Your Move to the U.S.

Moving to another country is one of the biggest transformations that can occur in a family’s life. Leaving behind relatives, friends, your native language, and going to live in a new place with unfamiliar people, a different language, and a different culture can be daunting. Many leave behind a brilliant career in their home countries […]

“Parole” in the Immigration Context

The term “parole” within the context of U.S. law has different meanings. In criminal justice, for example, the term refers to “conditional release.” In the immigration context, “parole” has a completely different interpretation. It is not an immigration status, nor a guarantee of status, nor even an immigration benefit. “Parole,” as described in section 212(d)(5) […]

Tourist Visa Denied: What Now?

During this vacation season, Florida is filled with Brazilians enjoying various shopping and entertainment opportunities. However, many had their plans frustrated—a denial at the American consulate in Brazil often becomes an invisible wall that separates Brazilians from the dream of visiting Orlando. The question we always receive is: Why does this happen, and how can […]

Demystifying the EB2-NIW

What is the EB2-NIW? We have frequently heard this question in our office over the past few months. Given the great popularity this immigration visa category has gained among Brazilians, it is important to clarify its basic principles. The permanent immigration visas “EB” (Employment-Based) have five main categories, with some subcategories. The EB2 (Second Preference) […]

Could You Be an American Citizen and Not Know It?

Imagine this scenario: you came to the USA as a child with your family, and everyone had a green card. In your adolescence, your parents argue and divorce. Your mother gets custody of you and decides to return to Brazil with you. Before going back, your mother becomes an American citizen. You return to Brazil […]