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What recent clients say about their experience

Melanie Marquez

Best immigration attorney ever! Elora helped me with my N400 application and my naturalization. She guided and advice me through all this process and came with me in the interview. I couldn’t have done it without her. Her professionalism, sweetness, sincerity and commitment to advocating on my behalf were apparent. We connected immediately and I am so happy I chose her to represent me. I strongly recommend her and I am immensely grateful for her service.

Monique Samuel

When we decided to move to the United States we visited several law firms and they all gave us a path to our visa, so we understood that it was what needed to be done, and we took the path, even though we knew it would take at least 4 years to get the Green Card. In the middle of this first process I felt that something was wrong. At that time we met Andrea Canona, one of Andrade Canona’s partners, we scheduled a meeting with her and showed her all the paperwork. She instantly identified many errors and advised us to remove this process. However, after carefully checking my portfolio and all the documents I had from my career, she gave us the best news we could have, that we could be eligible to apply for the Green Card immediately. And so it was done. In 6 months, my family and I had our process approved, had the interview, and received our card! We will be eternally grateful to the expertise of the Andrade Canona office!

Jadir Oliveira

The assistance from Andrade Canona in my H-1B US visa application was essencial to get the a smooth and fluid process. They pretty much looked after everything very carefully and it was noticeable that they understand what they were doing, which gave me a lot of security and tranquility. I would 100% recommend their service for anyone who wants to make sure is going through the right path while applying for a US visa. A huge thanks to Renata and all the team for being so kind and attentive.


I had the privilege of working with Elora Andrade on my journey to citizenship, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Her expertise, professionalism, dedication, and guidance made the process smooth and efficient. The office staff is also amazing, ready to assist and provide a friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend their service.

Lilian F

Renata Keller (immigration attorney from Andrade Canona) was terrific with my green card case. She provide guidance and advice every step of the way and was partner in securing a positive outcome for me. I highly recommend Renata Keller (Andrade Canona) to anyone who has to go through green card proceedings. I can’t thank her enough.

Sivan Erten

Andrade Canona Immigration Law, Professional and Knowledgeable. They are always on top of your case constantly, follow up with you and solve all the problems diligently and patiently. I highly recommend to anyone with their immigration needs.


If you value integrity and top notch knowledge and experience, hire Elora and her team for any immigration needs. From start to finish, they will provide you with exceptional support in navigating the complex immigration process. The team’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication are truly commendable. They will make the entire journey smooth and stress-free, addressing all our concerns with patience and precision. A 5-star review doesn’t do justice to the quality of their work!

Juliana Lamardo

As an immigration attorney, I often send cases to Andrea and Elora that are not within my expertise. Their work is unparalleled. I have never sent a client to their office that hasn’t won their case!!!! I trust them one thousand percent! ❤️

Laura R Leal

Elora Andrade is a fantastic immigration attorney. She is attentive and resourceful. As a professional, I often recommend her to my clients and I know they are in good hands with Elora and her team. Her team provides exceptional service and have a wonderful reputation as skilled and accomplished immigration attorneys.

Rafael V Pereira

I had a great experience. The team is amazing! They really know what they are doing. The document collection and every single information they ask are key for the case success. Leah, Elora are the best and most prepared people I ever seen to not only work on the case, but also to guide the customer through every step of the process. I’m happy that I have selected Andrade & Canona to handle my case!

Oscar M

I am very grateful to the entire team at Andrea Canona PLLC for their great professionalism and ability to handle my Green Card case. They were always in contact and updated us on the progress of my case in a friendly and effective manner.

Fios Studio

Andrade Canona was instrumental in obtaining my green card through the EB-1A process for individual of extraordinary ability. Thanks to the assistance and expertise of attorney Andrea Canona today I am in a position to utilize my talent in the United States and expand branches of Fios Beauty salon. Thank you for the amazing work, professionalism and safe path to the United States.

Gilda Almeida

Além da expertise ímpar, o amor pela profissão e o carinho com os clientes fazem este escritório safe harbor para os clientes! As a tax attorney I understand the importance of a well planned and safe immigration strategy and that is the main reason I can safely refer my clients to Andrade Canona. Elora and Andrea are extremely knowledgeable and honest and their office is supported by a well trained staff always ready to assist clients.

Paula Bulcão

Amazing office where the attorneys focus on planning a strategy for your immigration journey. As a U.S. citizen today, I can attest to all 5 stars Andrade Canona certainly deserves. Safe processs all the way!

Talgat Yesniyazov

I am delighted to share our great experience with Andrade Canona. It is a pleasure to work with wonderful team. The team is very knowledgeable, professional and committed to provide the excellent guidance and dedication. Many thanks to Elora and Leah for their professionalism and fantastic work in achieving successful result for our case. I would highly recommend Andrade Canona PLLC and wish all the best!

Carmen Manrara

Andrade Canona has helped some of my family members obtain their green cards through marriage. Great legal assistance and fantastic staff. I highly recommend this law firm.

Viviane Damiao

Best possible experience with immigration attorneys. They are outstanding professionals and amazing human beings that take the time to understand your specific case and working diligently to achieve the expected outcome. Would recommend them a million times!

Jean Carllos

I have no words to say… This is a place that you need to go before another! The best team, the best friends, humans that take care of your case, your Life case! Andreia and all people in this office work like no other in this world! I have no doubt when I said – YOU NEED TO TALK TO THEM BEFORE ANYONE! My deep and forever THANK YOU to each human that I had a pleasure to talk and meet. Let me explain why I said HUMANs… Every office and person that I talked to during 5 years about my case and process, looked at me just like a money…just money. Andrade Canona never did this. Since my first call and the unforgettable “Green Card day”, I have always had a human treatment and deep respect for my life and case. Do you need help with your case? Do you need someone who looks at you and more than money takes care of your situation? Here is your place. Here is your immigration office!

Gil Javier P

So if you are looking for an Immigration attorney, Andrade Canona, PLLC is the one. My wife and I started our journey with them to get my mother in law status here in the United States. We went thru many hurdles with the Immigration system, but Elora and the staff was able to guide us thru our journey with great success. We just received the Great News for our mother in law that she has been approved.. If it was not for them we would not been able to get our mother in law to be with us in the United States. Thank you again Elora, Renata and the staff for assisting us with this. I wish you and your staff great success in the future. Gilbert P.

David Nikzad

The experience and professionalism of this firm is a 11, rating 1-10. There attention to detail and execution was exceptional. The overall team is one of the best I’ve worked with.

Walter Rojter

If you’re in search of a dedicated, trustworthy, and exceptionally efficient immigration firm, your search ends here. You can rest assured that you’re in capable hands with the Andrade Canona team.

Brenda Cabrera

I came to Andrade Canona after having a bad experience with a different lawyer. I am beyond happy with everybody in this office, their professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for their clients it’s almost unbelievable. My case was approved within 4 months and no interview was needed. I recommend them 100% with my eyes closed!!!

Frank Alfonso

Our Experience with the Office of Andrade Canon, PPLC was a very professional and comfortable experience during what is normally a very stressful time. I cannot state enough the dedication that Renata and the full office staff showed me and my wife. We are truly appreciative of how fast and smooth they made the process of getting my wife her green card in only 9 months. I strongly recommend Andrade Canona and her team for all your immigration legal needs.

Eusebio Mercado

The team of Andrade Canona showed up an outstanding level of professionalism in the way that they handled our case of EB2 NIW. For the following reasons: First, the profiling interview was a key to success in determining what would be our best option. Second, assigning a person to each part of the process, that guided me on documentation and timing and ensure that everything was ready when needed. Third, the guidance on how to prepare the case and collect all the required evidence and tell me what was relevant, what was not. Fourth, following up on the communication with USCIS and the advance of each case, the I-140, the adjust of status, the work permit and the travel permit. Fifth, they were absolutely straight forward about the costs of the process from the beginning and worked with us to meet the goals on time. Sixth, being responsive and kind at all times. I highly recommend Andrade Canona; rest assured that you are in the right hands with them!

Mariana Kechichian

I have no words to say about my feelings at this moment!!! My application was approved and Andrade Canona is the best! Thank you so much!!! Much more than that…before hiring the office I suffered a scam form another “office” and Andrade Canona gave me a simple guidance and they got all my money back that I coul have lost. They really are amazing. I have already referred a lot of people and I’ll keep doing it.

Hanyu Yang

The attorney in Andrade Canona, PLLC. are very thoughtful and patient. You can feel that they really care about their clients and are beyond professional. Highly recommend their immigration service!

Nathalia Watkins

Andrade Canona is the most competent immigration office I encountered. They’re efficient, human, honest, and just promise what they can deliver – even though they EXCEL in exceeding expectations! I will be forever grateful. Best investment I have made since coming to the US, and I absolutely recommend their fantastic work!

Flavio Borges

we were successful in the 2 processes in which the lawyer Andrea Canona represented us. Our Extraordinary Ability O1-B process was approved with no RFE in record time. gratitude sums up our experience.

Tram Tran

The first time join Andrade team and I am really satisfied with the outcome. The process was super fast, Thank again for all your’s help.

Cristina Braz

I am delighted to share my experience with Andrade e Canona, the exceptional office that has been diligently handling my H1B visa process and Work Permit. Thanks to their unwavering professionalism and dedicated work, I am now living my dream here in the United States. From the moment I reached out to Andrade e Canona, I was impressed by their prompt response and genuine interest in my case. The team took the time to thoroughly understand my situation, providing me with clear guidance and setting realistic expectations right from the start. Their deep knowledge and expertise in immigration matters were evident throughout our interaction. Throughout the process, Andrade e Canona demonstrated a remarkable level of attention to detail, ensuring that all the necessary documents were meticulously prepared and submitted on time. Their commitment to keeping me informed at every step of the way alleviated any anxiety I had, and I felt reassured knowing that my case was in capable hands. What truly sets Andrade e Canona apart is their unwavering dedication to their clients. They went above and beyond to address any concerns or questions I had, patiently explaining complex legal concepts and offering guidance tailored to my specific situation. Their personalized approach and genuine care made me feel valued as a client. I am beyond grateful to Andrade e Canona for their professionalism and commitment. Their hard work and expertise have made it possible for me to fulfill my lifelong dream and embark on this incredible journey. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of immigration assistance. Thank you, Andrade e Canona, for making my dream a reality!

Sipiwe Anderson

Thank you so much Andrade Canona for Reuniting my family. You never gave up on us even though our case took more than a Decade. Finally my brother arrived from Zimbabwe. All I can say is Thank you. You are one of the best Immigration Lawyers because you really care. You became part of my family.

Orlando Castilla

Elora is very professional I know I was in good hands the minute I met her the staff at the firm made me feel like a priority. Every time I called and best of all my case was resolved quickly.

Cynthia Brasileiro

I highly recommend Andrade Canona. I am completely satisfied with the service provide by them. Andrea and her amazing team walked me through each step of the process until I received my kids documents.They are knowledgeable , professional and prompt with theirs services. I am so grateful.

Tommy Musumeci

I can’t say enough of their Professionalism, attention to detail, consistency to keep us informed, well treated, and above all, their knowledge of the system. I will always recommend them if asked.

Jessianna Melo

We have no words to express how satisfied we were with the work of Andrea and her associates. Our process was easy and seamless. It wouldn’t have been the same with these people. Whatever questions or concerns we had, Andrea had all of the answers.

Lucas Ordosgoitia Heenan

Massive thanks to all of you, especially Adriana who was part of the whole process, always kind and helpful at all times. Would recommend Andrade Canona to anyone.

Matthew Jackson

Our case was approved, and my fiancé and I are very happy with the services! Andrade Canona has helped us all throughout our process.

Mariangel Velasquez

Andrade Canona truly stands out as an exceptional Immigration Law Firm, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Karem Casas

I’m super thankful with Andrade Team for always being there for me whenever I had questions regarding my case, they will always reply to my emails the same day. My green card was approved, and now I’ll be able to flight back to my country to visit my family after 13 years. Couldn’t have done it without them ❤️

Claudia Pastora

For a whole year and a half Elora Andrade Esq was supportive, informative and helpful. Even before we decided to move to the US she offered her support and helped us decide what was better. She went above and beyond in trying to help us through the whole process. We can’t thank her enough for her kindness and advice.

Mia Faulin

My case was anything but simple and Elora and her staff were nothing short of amazing, navigating trough all the obstacles and making sure the process was smooth . She walked me trough everything, kept the communication going as we waited for my naturalization appointment. Her staff is equally as professional and knowledgeable. I am so glad I found Elora. Without her help, I would have not been able to resolve my situation. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Steve Canona

Excellent immigration attorney services! The people were knowledgeable to clarify all my questions and my greencard process went smoothly!

Luciano Monteiro

Amazing team that works professionally giving the right information and explaining to you the possibilities that you have. I had 2 visas approved with Andrade Canona. First my O1 and latter on my EB-1. Supper recommend it!

Jima J

I highly recommend Andrade Canona. They are knowledgable and professional. It was such a smooth process and I’m so glad I went with them for my residency process. Thank you again!

Judson Oliveira

We had a great experience with Andrade Canona , they did an outstanding work and very competent . they were attentive and fast . we definitely would do it again and give good references about then

DLP international

Hi to everyone this is clody. my very big thank you to all Canona Andrade team for their big support and wonderful job on my work permit, they do work excellent and sooooo happy in there. Wemen power together is a bomb 💣 ! 😁🌼🌹🌸🌸🌺🌺🌺💐💐💐💐💐💐🌸🌺🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 thank you! Thank you, moito obrigado!! 😁😁

GennyeRaul Sabbag

Andrea Canona was amazing with my mother paperwork. Andrea was always very honest, professional and with knowledgeable of her work. I recommend their services.

Desiree Lira

We loved working with Elora Andrade and her team! They are super knowledgeable and they are extremely professional. My husband and I are more than pleased with the work they did for us.

Raquel Morais

Best immigration attorney ever!!! Very competent and responsible on the process. I’m very grateful for their work!!

Joe Morris

We went to this Law firm and it was an amazing experience. My wife and I thaught we had a lost case but we were wrong. This law firm took care of our case and ultimately got us approved. They kept us in the loop of everything that was going on with the case and gave us hope. I would highly recommend this law firm to any one who has needs for an immigration attorney.

Priscila Nagalli

It was a great process working with Andrade Canona, they are extremely responsible and dilligent.

Victor Almeida

The best lawyers in town. They gave me the best support during my residency process. I highly recommend! The whole team is always available to help. Great job!

Wes Fe

Even though i live in Orlando i hired this law firm because I already had so many references about them and it was the best thing i ever did , i am already a citizen because they are very professional and at the same time they care !

I highly recommend this law firm

Hama Aboul Naja

The best law firm ever best people to work with ! They are extremely good at explaining every step and actually doing it while communicating along the way amazing amazing !

Guilherme Queiroz

I had the best experience contracting Andade Canona services, they were always ready to answer my questions.

Ana Cecilia Belzarena Genovese

Awesome experience!!! Got my green card in 9 months in a very smooth process!!! Truly recommend them!

Willian Sodré

My experience was amazing is this place. I’m soo thankful for everything they have done for me and may family.

Adriana Alcantara

Best immigration lawyer! Highly recommend!!

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