Welcome to Andrade Canona!

We are a full-service immigration law firm headquartered in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. We provide personalized service to our clients around the world, ensuring their smooth transition to the United States. After all, moving to a different country, hiring an employee from abroad, or applying for an immigration benefit in the United States can be a challenging task. Even more intimidating is dealing with the multitude of complex immigration agencies, their rules and the ever-changing policies and precedents.

Our goal at Andrade Canona is to be with you during all your immigration process, from the individualized strategic planning to the completion of your case, making sure you understand the process and that you feel comfortable and confident throughout your immigration journey.

Our team is made up by highly skilled and experienced professionals that will make your family and your business their priority. We have multiple quality assurance processes to ensure that our work is done right the first time, with attention to detail, timeliness, and care. With our clients in mind, we also offer ancillary legal services through a team of highly respected of-counsel attorneys, that guide our clients in their pre-immigration tax planning and corporate law needs.

Andrade Canona continues to grow, representing clients in immigration agencies around the United States, and consulates around the world. Still, our mission will always be to maintain the highest standards of quality and personal service in our work, even as we grow. Our commitment to our clients, our dedication to the law and to the integrity of the process are the backbone of our work. At Andrade Canona, we love what we do!